The How-To Of Exfoliating Your Skin

You hear the terms “exfoliation” and “exfoliator” mentioned all over the place, but how much do you know about the practice and how it is supposed to be done? Many people make the mistake of using the wrong products and scrubbing their skin raw simply because they do not know any better. The right exfoliating practices can significantly improve your complexion and appearance, and it can help to fight off early signs of aging, improve your skin tone, and combat acne. If you want to know what you need to do to achieve these effects, take the following advice and information to heart.
The Importance of Exfoliating the Skin
There is a natural process of shedding dead skin cells that your body goes through, no matter what skin care products in Singapore you use. This is normal. What is not normal, however, is when this natural shedding slows down or stops altogether. The causes of this can be anything from hormonal changes to stress to the natural aging process. What you end up with as a result is dry, dull, and flaky skin, blackheads, wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone, and clogged or enlarged pores. Exfoliating with a good scrub can easily help you deal with these issues and get rid of the layers of dead skin cells.
BHA and AHA Exfoliants
Leaving out the jargon, these two different types of exfoliants have some similar effects and some very different purposes. In terms of similarity, they both help to keep your skin hydrated and firm, and they both combat skin discoloration, damage caused by sunlight, and marks left from a bad breakout of acne. However, which one you use depends on key differences. AHA exfoliants target the topmost layers of skin that are mostly affected by sun damage. If this is the problem you have, you need these types. If your skin is prone to clogged pores because of sweat and oil build up, then you need a BHA exfoliant, which is more for acne-prone skin, enlarged pores, blackheads, and certain skin conditions. You can use a combination of the two if you face all of these problems for best results.
Brushes and Frequency
It is not good practice to use a brush to exfoliate your skin, as it is far too harsh and simply unnecessary for the purpose. You can end up doing more damage with a brush, which can make your skin rough and cause micro-tears that you will not be aware of. Instead, purchase an exfoliant like buy SK II in Singapore that you can gently rub into the skin.
It is important to make sure you do not do this too often, of course, as much like brushing, you can damage your skin. Most exfoliants are recommended once or twice a week for most people, but it does depend on your skin type. Check with a dermatologist if you are not sure, or follow the instructions on the exfoliant you purchase.
These tips and information should help you use the right exfoliants in the right way. If you have a serious skin condition, consult a dermatologist before using any new products.