A Better Place For Differently Abled Children!

A differently abled child is someone very different to normal children due to their difference in mentality and the difference in their intellectual level. These children are usually named as disabled children, but we shall term them as “differently abled children” because unknown to the narrow minded world, within their impossibilities they have so much of possibilities in themselves. What the world should do is, to make a better place for these children and to allow them show case what they have and treat all the children alike. There are various foundations built up for these children supported by disability rights and government policies having aims towards equal rights and opportunities in education, housing, neglect ,freedom from abuse and in many other social aspects.

Most of these Foundations that have been established around the world give extra attention to these children as they could be bullied or pulled for jokes among the rest of the children. Teachers and care takers have to set common rules to the entire class and make sure that these children also follow them. These children should not be criticized because in certain times they might need a helping hand. Moreover enrichment classes should be conducted to identify their standards and abilities in performing day to day activities such as in reading, mathematical skills, science and also Information Technology so it’s better to get enrolled now.

Furthermore these people who take the responsibility of differently abled children during school hours, leisure time periods or may be during enrichment classes in Singapore have a very important task, which is to communicate with their parents and stay in touch regarding the child day to day performances. Most of the parents think that no one values their child because they are different to other children. Some parents are embarrassed in having a child with special needs. It is our social responsibility to support them and help them to realize that it is none of their mistake to have such a child rather we must help them think that the child is a god gifted human being with different abilities. There are so many researches that have been conducted proving that “differently abled children” have super talents in the fields of music, dancing and also surprisingly in literature. We should never underestimate these children and deprive them from their right to live as a normal human being.

The only support the children they sometimes need is the moral support from their parents, teachers and friends. We have to be there for them so they can share their problems, concerns, fears and also strengths which make us realize that they are also human beings and they shall be treated equally. Therefore it is our utmost duty to treat them alike and support them to rise up as independent and valuable human beings.