Benefits Of ICSI Procedures

When couples seek medical intervention in order to increase their chances of normal conception, usually tests are conducted for both the man and the woman. The tests help to determine whether there are any disorders that bring about an obstacle in normal pregnancy. Treatment for such causes as well as assisted reproduction procedures helps couples increase their chances of having a new life brought into their lives.

What is ICSI?

In most cases of couples finding it difficult to conceive, it has been found that men suffer from infertility conditions more often. There are tests that can be easily conducted in order to find the underlying causes of infertility in men. Many clinics have an IVF success rate in Singapore that is dependent on successful treatment of infertility causes in men. One of the successful ways infertility is treated in men is by ICSI or intra cytoplasmic sperm injection. The benefits of this treatment method are several of which in most cases where the sperm count is low in a man or sperm mobility is a concern, this kind of treatment is resorted to.

How it works?

ICSI or intra cytoplasmic sperm injection is usually a well proven technique that can help counter low sperm count or sperm mobility issues in men. Such causes are common in men, which leads to failure in conception for many couples. Whereas such conditions would have led to couples having to resort to donor sperms for conception, the injection procedure helps in conception with sperms and eggs that are biologically related to both partners. The IUI procedure and related processes, then help in assisted reproduction for several couples.

In this procedure men who have limited sperm count or immobile sperm can find success by overcoming such problems as they often deter normal conception. The injection method leads to the sperm being injected into the egg directly. This increases chances of fertilization and the fertilized egg is then inserted by the conventional IVF procedures to allow implantation in the uterus.

Benefits to reap

Couples or the male partner who has issues like low sperm count or immobile sperm would have had to resort to donor sperms in the absence of this injection method. With this method couples can have increased chances of normal conception with the baby being biologically related to both parents. This is the most desired outcome that most couples want when they look for solutions to conceive a child of their own. Those who wish to approach a experienced gynecologist with their infertility problems can discuss the possible consequences with their doctor.