Celebrating Birthdays Across The Waters

Long-distance relationships can be terrifying, hard work and more importantly mean that you would not be there to celebrate each other’s special days such as birthdays, new jobs, anniversaries, promotions, new homes and so on. If it’s your significant other’s or even a close family member’s birthday coming up and you are unable to be with them to celebrate their birth anniversary, keep reading and we might be of some help to you!

First up, is something you can definitely plan out, the card or letter with the gorgeous bouquet. Be sure to either pick up a card the next time you are in the mall and are at Hallmark or sit down for fifteen minutes and our your heart out in a letter. The next time you are on your way for a quick bite during your lunch hour or doing groceries or going for a quick jog before the sun goes down, take it with you and post it to them. Yes, post via snail mail because there is no better way to surprise people if not for snail mail!

Step two is to hit the Internet. Keep in mind a budget you would want to spend especially if you are a student or still do not have a sufficient income before going online. Browse around to see what gift options online stores have for you and also see if they can gift wrap it. Yes we all know that they don’t do the best of wrapping jobs compared to what you do when you were back home but there is no other option to go about it! Be sure to keep in mind rates that would be charged for shipping, handling and custom fees, if any.

Step three is the cake. We are still online and now we browse for options available for birthday cake delivery in Singapore. Go on the social media pages including Facebook and Instagram of local home bakers you would’ve heard folks back home speak of. Chances are that these home bakers are super active online and have flexible payment methods allowing you a multitude of payment options available.

Once you have your selected the home baker that you want to go ahead with, be sure to give her or him all of the recipient’s favourite sweets and ingredients so that they have all the freedom to curate the best birthday cake for them.

Chances are that the small-scale vendor will also have delivery options available for minimum or no cost so be sure to inquire and have it sorted as well. If there aren’t delivery options available, ask another family member or friend to step in and help out!Good luck!