Culture Gives Us Identity

Culture is an ever changing component. Culture differs from country to country. Everyone has their own culture and traditional norms that they follow. The culture we follow gives us an identity. Experiencing different cultures and their practices could be exciting. What we wear, what we eat and certain practices we follow depends on our culture. But certain cultural aspects remain while certain aspects change. Culture shock is what we may all face when we move on from one cultural background to another. It will not be easy to adopt to another culture and adjust with it. But when we go to another place adopting to the culture there is important.
The Asian Culture
The Asians have a rich culture with many unique practices. They have many belief systems and traditions to bring good luck. The Asian culture is very much different to the western culture. The Asian culture is mostly based around religion and the family system. The traditions and values are passed on from one generation to another and keeping the traditions and values is vital. The Asian culture is very colorful and is most practices involve the participation of family members and friend. Making taimaobi in SG is a Chinese practice of making a brush out of the hair at the baby’s first shave.
Culture has spread among nations in the present
In the present days because of socio-economic changes the cultural practices of one country or a group of people has spread around the globe. Wherever you go you can see the touch of many cultures. Many Western people have also adopted to following certain aspects of the Asian culture. For example, in the present days many non-Chinese people too have started following the habit of making baby hair brushes. In the present days adopting to certain practices that are a part of the foreign culture has become normal. Even many Asian countries and communities have adopted aspects of western culture.
Respect for cultural diversity is important
Culture and traditional practices were strictly followed in the past. But in the present these are followed only in special occasions like, childbirth, weddings or funerals. Technological development and globalization has resulted in inter marriages and this has caused people of different cultures to mix and adopt to different cultures. Also the cultural diversity among people has also caused many ethnic conflicts. In the present world cultural diversity and culture sensitivity are concepts that need to be given special attention to. We must make sure respect different cultures and also we must teach our children to do so. Respect for cultural diversity is the key for global peace and harmony.