Getting The Perfect Gift

Hours of deciding and deliberating, days of saving up, for the final fleeting moment where you see your special someone’s eyes light up with happiness; seeing the joyous smile on the face of someone we care about is truly one of the best feelings in the world. Being the reason for that smile feels even better.

Gift-giving has been an ever-present practice amongst people for centuries. Even in the pre-societal stages, early man gave each other small “gifts” to show their feelings towards each other.

A gift can be a reward for a great achievement, a symbol of a milestone crossed, or simply a heartfelt gesture to let someone know that they are special to you.

Choosing the perfect gift to suit both the occasion and the person it will be given to can be quite daunting; the more meaning the occasion carries, the higher the pressure.

Anniversaries and birthdaysAnniversaries and birthdays are undoubtedly the most famous celebrations in society. Hence, the gift-giving culture tied to it is equally special.

When it comes to wedding anniversaries, society has formed an unwritten rule about which type of gift is appropriate for which decade of celebrating your partnership. For instance, the 10-year wedding anniversary is to be celebrated with gifts representing tin and aluminum, while the 30th wedding anniversary is an occasion to exchange gifts consisting of diamonds or pearls. This loose criteria differs slightly from region to region, however, much of it remains the same. Two or three decades of married life is considered an exemplary achievement due to the sheer level of commitment, and therefore, the prescribed materials for the gifts are meant to reflect the value of such a milestone.

In terms of birthdays, the possibilities are endless. Whether you buy watches in Singapore to give to your twin nephews on their 12th birthday, or purchase a smartphone to help your mother connect with the rest of the family living away, birthdays can be a great occasion with which to show your thoughtfulness and consideration towards the needs and preferences of the receiver. So for example, if your son has a penchant for all things fishing, buying him brand new fishing equipment will make him more happy than a generic gift of say a wad of bank notes for him to purchase his own. After all, this depiction of thoughtfulness is the actual reason that gift-giving came to being.

Similarly, it can be said that it is the thought that counts; a handmade card form your daughter can mean more and be more of value to you than all the luxury watches in the world put together.

It is important to appreciate that it is the thought and the idea behind each gift, and not the monetary amount spent, that makes it special.