How To Set Your Hair Without Heat Tools?

Our hair plays a major role in our overall outlook whether we may have or have not noticed so far but it could really do wonders. I have always seen myself look really different every time I change my hairstyle, it could be straight, curled, loose hair or tighten into a ponytail but whatever it is, and usually the whole look kind of gives a different vibe. We all have had those bad hair days when we couldn’t find a way to style and throw ourselves together to look okay somehow. It’s all about how we can work into styling it up the way we can to look presentable and over the years what I have realized is that there can’t be any more bad hair days if we really know to work around it.

The thing with the generation today is that we all think it’s really necessary to use all the heat tools to make our hair look good. We know that sometimes for our styles to last a bit longer, we definitely have to use some heat tool to really keep that formed shape to stay all day long. Although, it’s okay use a hot hair curler in Malaysia here and there, when we have to attend a special event it’s not that healthy to have heat touch our hair all the time.

This not only makes your hair to stop growing out but also burns the hair and damages it in a way that you will find it difficult to re-gain the natural hair texture. This content will bring down some ways you can set your hair without using a lot of heat on it.

The first thing is, if you haven’t had a bath for few days could be because you were sick or didn’t have enough time to have a good bath, it’s normal that your hair could start looking oily and sticky. Instead of trying to put a hot tool over it to style it up, you can always use some dry spray which is an organic shampoo and make that stickiness washes off to soften your hair. This will help you fix it in a way you like a lot better than having to work with some oily hair. The next thing is, if you still can’t work up a good pony tail, then you can do some braids on top of your hair to keep it tied up. There are nice ways in doing braids; Dutch braids or French braids thrown into a fish tail.

Apart to braids you can also put them in a good high bun to keep your hair off the face and also use other tools like overnight rollers to get the shape you wish without using heat on your hair. These are some of the easy and simple ways that you can set your hair without much or no heat at all.