Reasons Your Feet Are Always Aching

Are you someone who would proudly consider yourself a work out junkie and you enjoy working out every single day and you always keep your workouts interesting by switching it up and trying new things but after you recently started running, you have noticed a very sharp pain in your feet and ankles and you cannot seem to figure out why? Or have you always been someone who suffers with extreme leg and feet aches even if you walk or run a small distance and you have never known why and you have just accepted that it is simply part of who you are?

Whatever the case may be, just like any other sickness or medical condition, leg pains and aches must never be taken lightly as you never know what might be causing this pain, especially if you are experiencing the pain ever since you started incorporating a new exercise into your routine or if it is a sharp pain, as it could even mean you need ankle injury treatment. So read below to learn more about many causes as to why you may be experiencing aches in your foot or joints.


Similar to the second example we discussed about previously, do you regularly experience foot aches or do your feet get tired easily, even if you have just walked a very short distance? If so, you may suffer from flatfeet which is when there is no arch on your feet. Even though flatfoot children Singapore is more common, and it is a condition that develops at a young age, some older individuals may also suffer with flatfeet, whether that is due to age, obesity or even accidents which causes damage to the arch of the feet. Your orthopedic doctor can help diagnose this problem and even help you cure it or fix it as it can be a very painful condition.


Being obese or overweight can not only affect the health of your heart and other internal organs adversely, but it can also cause physical damage to your body. If you are overweight, and often experience joint pains or foot aches, many older individuals just assume that it may be arthritis, which is still a condition that needs medical consultation, but this pain may actually be due to the excess stress and strain placed on the ankles and joints as your body is too heavy for your feet to carry. So you must always make sure to do your research and exercise often and try to stay within your healthy weight range no matter how old or young you are.


The final reason that you may be experiencing aches may be because of some injury that you did not take too seriously and it may have damaged your feet, ankle or even joints, which is why it is important to visit your orthopedic doctor right away in the case of any such injury.