The Contradicting Views Of Judiciary Body Of The Country!

General people who are the citizens of the country are confused about the state of the legal system and the power of it in all the aspects in the country. The society and the political influences along with morality are causing havoc in the functioning of the legal system of every country in the world. Times like this, we are put in a risky spot whether the law is actually the deciding authority.
Many researchers had found that people living in countries where law is well established and citizens are following the law are found to be having more satisfied life and evidence to support the opposite is also found – people living in war zones or places where crime rates are high are found to be having lower scores on life satisfaction. This shows us the need to have a proper judiciary system where the law is the final ruling power. We cannot achieve anything by just establishing Singapore law firms, people are not going to get justice or proper justice because of it.

The number of courts should be expanded and the (ADR) Alternative Dispute Resolution system should be more open and people should make use of that first before filing a case. Litigation lawyers should first direct the parties to alternative dispute resolution system and only then file the case in courts. This should be made mandatory.
The powers allocated to the lower courts of the hierarchy should be increased. This would make a huge chance in the cases pilling in the courts of appeal. The years of practice needed to become a judge and chief justice should be lesser. More people will be given chance for change. Moreover, this means instead of hearing the old cases, we can concentrate on the new cases. There should be separate system for criminal cases and they should be the only authority which has the power to decide the criminal cases. In cases of tort, they should be dealt separately. By employing this, cases will be finished faster and the courts will function properly.
Moreover, a person or a group of lawyers should be selected to the see the functioning of the courts and see how many cases they are doing per day? The court hours should be extended. The cases should be accessed and the committee of people should make sure that the quality and fairness of judgement is present. This group should be employed anonymously like the spies and other people in CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). This would help the government and the legal system to be separate entities which governs the country.