Things You Should Never Buy Online

Today we can use the miraculous internet to buy the whole world and their dog. Unfortunately, not everything comes out quite as expected. Since the internet is usually nameless and faceless there are lots of opportunities for scams and frauds. Big internet companies may try to keep the internet safe, but shysters can find ways to slip through the cracks and dupe innocent customers. Sometimes though, it’s more a case of trickery than out and out fraud; the beautiful peplum dress you paid for looks gorgeous in the photos but is drab and droopy when it arrives. So everything is not what it seems on the internet. Beware of the following items especially:

Food Items

There are some supermarkets that offer customers the opportunity to shop online and pick out all their groceries. They are then delivered to the respective homes of the customers. With a very exceptions however, the food items never turn out as fresh or as good as you picking it out yourself. There are plenty of customer testimonials on the internet that attest to rotten or squashed vegetables and fruits being delivered; the cuts of meat are never fresh. This could be a problem in delivery or a problem in the service itself, so never buy food online unless you have a personal shopper who is servicing you, and not the shop.

Plants and Flowers

Another deathly internet trap, there are a few establishments that will deliver you the proper flowers and/or plants but these are very few and far between. Even if you want to buy synthetic lawn, it’s always better to actually see it once before buying it. This is because there are so many chances for mistakes and mix-ups.

You might get a potted plant destined for someone else because the leaves look the same, or because the delivery person doesn’t quite know the distinction between two different azalea plants. This is even true if you want to buy artificial grass in Singapore because there are multiple types, colours, thicknesses and other characteristics that may not come out quite like you wanted if you don’t see and feel it yourself.

Stocks and Bonds

Speculating on the internet is quite common these days because there is plenty of info on stocks and bonds. It’s alright to ask questions and even look at trade prices, but be wary of actually conducting the transaction on the internet. Internet shopping has become quite safe thanks to stringent internet protocols and safety measures, however things like stocks can be easily mimicked and people can get duped into investing in stocks that are not quite kosher. So be very careful of how and where you punch in the credit card number.